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Escape to an incredible universe ...

Since Vercingetorix, Auvergne, high country, polished by rains and filled with oxygen, settles in mystic donjon of France.

Multifaceted and in the myriads of treasures, escape in this incredible universe…

L’Orée de Marmeloux proposes you a virtual discovery of the various activities which you can practise in a radius from 20 to 50 km.


Click on the pictures... and let you take…

Water park of Issoire « Aqualudique »


And the pleasure center


Car / motorcycle circuit of Issoire

That you are fascinated by motorcycle, by automobile, or by all the motor sports generally, that you look for strong sensations or simply to perfect yourself, the Issoire’s circuit is made for you.


Treetop adventure in the Forest Park of Cunlhat

In family or with friends …
Go to rediscover the forest


Classic festival of music of La Chaise-Dieu

For more than 40 years, thousands of music lovers and artists of international fame meet themselves at the end of August in La Chaise-dieu.
An exceptionnal heritage in charge of spirituality, a surprising acoustics, a high-end programming and a warm atmosphere contribute to offer to the festival-goers moments of exception. .


Auvergne Montgolfière

Wherever we are in Auvergne, there is always a volcano nearby :

the Volcanic hill of Sancy dominates Mounts Dore, the Puy de Dôme raises itself over Clermont-Ferrand…
But what are these sleepy giants ?
Here is a good and exceptionnal way to discover Auvergne differently in all its natural and wild magnificence.
Take off for the big escape, overfly the immense Massif Central with its different nature…


Puy-de-Dôme, today which is sleeping, built itself 11 000 years ago

High of 1 465 meters, Puy de Dôme overhangs all the 80 monogenic volcanoes (that as formed during a unique eruption) which establish the young chain of volcanic hills of Massif Central.
Situated at the heart of the regional Natural reserve of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, it gave its name to the department of Puy-de-Dôme in 1791.


Besse / Super-Besse and the massif of Sancy...

With its five mountain massifs, Auvergne is a permanent invitation in the pleasures of the snow.

In summer, to go hiking on immense trays, to cross craters with MOUNTAIN BIKE, aren’t experience so frequent.
It is nevertheless what you can live on our massifs.



The Vulcania Park invites you to fill up with feelings, with sensations and with discoveries on the meeting of the Earth, with volcanoes, with forces of nature but also with the fragile beauty of our planet.